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The Tree Of Life Designer Store is a unique and upscale designer boutique featuring fine art, furniture, lamps, linens, pillows, throws, crystal, porcelain, housewares, utensils, skin care, candles, gourmet foods and so much more! The lovely and tasteful input of Amanda Schumacher, who created the store as a nonprofit with the sole purpose of helping our community by focusing on transforming and saving lives.  Amanda is a well-known philanthropist and socialite, who has dedicated half of her life to helping children, addicts, homeless and animals all around the world. Amanda has tirelessly given not only money but her time, her devotion and love to all causes that touch her heart. 


The Tree Of Life Designer Store is no different. All profits raised by the store go directly to the Tree of Life Center, a 501(c)(3) restoration house whose recovery program is free of charge and 100% privately funded by the Schumacher Family Foundation. The TOL Center provides both men and women, with housing, food, clothing, medical care, education and strives to rehabilitate and restore lives that have been destroyed by drugs, alcohol addiction and homelessness. The TOL Center program is offered to men and women from every race, culture and socioeconomic level.

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